Just to whet the appetite, only 7months to go

I'd forgotten about Roberto Baggio himself, let alone that great goal he scored!

That Bergkamp goal is just SO classy. I was in a locals bar in Arnhem, Holland on holiday when that was on, no one could speak any English and neither me or my Dad could speak Dutch, but the universal language of football won through - especially cos it was the Argies they beat! A load of the customers went outside and set off the loudest firecrackers i have ever heard right after the game - great memories :) :) :) :) Think Bergkamp is the only gooner I could never bring myself to dislike

Owen never quite delivered on what he promised did he? Real Madrid was the wrong move for him, but hindsight is a wonderful thing!

Maradona's goal is pure footballing genius, but forever tainted by what he'd done earlier in the game.

Number 1 is absolutely correct - the best goal ever scored, by arguably the greatest team ever.

My list would have to include David Platt's swivel volley in the dying moments against Belgium in Italia '90. I still remember my 8 year old self leaping around my living room like a man (boy) possessed when that went in from Gazza's free kick :eek: :)

God I do love football, it really is more than just a sport isn't it.... Bring on the World Cup!!!!