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Dates you were there:
Where you stayed (resort/hotel):
Club nights visited:
Best Night:
Worst Night:
Best Bar:
Best Place to Eat:
Money Spent:
Biggest Regret:
Going Back?:
Top Tip:

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Dates you were there: 24th May 2003 - one week
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Costa Sur - San Antonio Bay
Club nights visited: Had plans for eden opening, but fell ill :eek:(
Best Night: First sunset at kumharas
Worst Night: Sam getting her drink spiked up the westend!
Best Bar: Kumharas
Best Place to Eat: Didnt get chance to try
Money Spent: Fortunately we were lucky and came back with a little.
Biggest Regret: Not going for two weeks
Going Back?: Oh yeeeaaahhhhh
Top Tip: Hire a car!
Dates you were there: August 5-15
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hostal La Marina, Ibiza Town
Club nights visited: release yourself(x2), subliminal/underwater, carl cox 01, Zenith, four::four, renaissance people
Best Night: renaissance people, subliminal/underwater
Worst Night: four::four (don´t know what happened, but i did not like it that much, seaman was kind of boring, pappa was cool, what saved the night was the view of ibiza town, priceless)
Best Bar: base bar, gecko, sa trinxa
Best Place to Eat: bon profit, gecko
Money Spent: 1,500 euros; me and my girl
Biggest Regret: thinking that cocoon would be to hard on my girl´s ears, and taking her to four::four, i´ve seen sven vath 2 times, one in my country (dominican republic), and the other one here in madrid... but NOT IN AMNESSIA!!!!!!!. i think i regret that, even if i just saw him 2 months ago here.
Going Back?: Of course!!!!!
Top Tip: Take time to find the cheap, but very good bars and restaurants, your pocket will thank you....go to formentera and rent a bike or something, beautiful beaches are waiting for you..... take care and party safe
Dates you were there: 15th - 22nd
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Villa Can Toni Den Real (San Jose)
Club nights visited: Judgement Sunday, Lashed, Cream
Best Night: Cream
Worst Night: er, Friday night - post Cream comedown
Best Bar: Coastline / Bar M
Best Place to Eat: Er, didn't really eat anywhere too nice
Money Spent: £600
Biggest Regret: Drinking too much, not enough sightseeing
Going Back?: tricky one, yes but would stay far, far away from San Antonio
Top Tip: Drinking too much can make it very messy!
Dates you were there: 2 years ago in august. NOW again in Juli.
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Cenit Figu... NOW Again.
Club nights visited: Amnesia, Pacha, El Devine.
Best Night: The night with my girl on the beach (making love)
Worst Night: That we had a burgelar... :cry: :evil: :( and did take all the money, juwelery,fotocamera, papers, and so-on.
Best Bar: Amnesia cocktail bar on the harbor.
Best Place to Eat: forgotten the name, far left restaurant on the beach on figu...
Money Spent: A HOLE lote, whe did go with 5 people (mam,dad (I) son dother,son's girlfriend. (and i payed for all) Auw Auw. :p
Biggest Regret: That the time was to short......
Going Back?: YES,YES,YES, as i say, again in juli 2003, and hope to do it every year.
Top Tip: go for a nightwalk on the beach with your lady.

Grts. Joseph.
Dates you were there: 15-22 June

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Playa d'en Bossa- Bon Sol Apartments (very bad accommodation)

Club nights visited: Manumission + Carry-On, Underwater, Pure Pacha, We Love Sundays

Best Night: Pure Pacha (We Love Sundays doesn't count)

Worst Night: Manumission (but still good)

Best Bar: Ancient People (didn't think it was fair to include km5/Bora Bora)

Best Place to Eat: Beda's La Scala, Sa Carrossa, Dalt Villa.
Cilantro, Santa Gertrudis.

Money Spent: £450 each

Biggest Regret: Not going to Pin-Up on Monday as it wasn't open the rest of the week.

Going Back?: Every year.

Top Tip: Fanta Limon + San Miguel = Perfect Shandy (best consumed at Bora Bora at 6pm).
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): San An Bay/Fiesta San Remo
Club nights visited: Underwater,Cream, Retro, We Love Sundays
Best Night: Cream
Worst Night: Retro (completely empty)
Best Bar: Kumharas
Best Place to Eat: Can Pujol seafood restaurant, far end San An Bay
Money Spent: £400 (was on half board)
Biggest Regret: None this time!!!
Going Back?: You bet...booking to go back for the closing parties
Top tip: Hire a car and get out and about round the island we visited some gorgeous beaches, take berocca, get some kip l

Dates - 14th - 27th june
Stayed - club palm beach
Club Nights - Retro, Izit Dance, Ministry, Pacha Pure, Soul Heaven
Best night - Ministry
Worst night - Retro ( dead and crap people ) Izit Dance ( only 50 people but the music was good and a good atmosphere )
Best Bar - Bora Bora
Best Place to eat - Kumhares ( was really interesting )
Money spent - 2000 euro's
Biggest regret - Implant rupturing and not going to Sundays at Space Dc10 Cocoon Subliminal and Salvacion. Also would like to have gone to Diva Explosion Ibiza feeling and not getting to Kanya. too many regrets
Going Back - hopefully sep
Top Tip - Try and get to know the right people for free tickets and never pay on the door.
Dates you were there: 21-28 June
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Club Paraiso
Club nights visited: Judgement Sunday/Lashed/Manumission/Cream/Tonic
Best Night: Lashed
Worst Night: None
Best Bar: Karma
Best Place to Eat: Curry Club
Money Spent: Too much!
Biggest Regret: getting too drunk to fully enjoy judgement sunday and manumission
Going Back?: Here's hoping.....
Dates you were there: 20 June til 1 July
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Es Vive, Figuretes
Club nights visited: Pure Pacha, We Love Sundays (twice), DC10, Underwater@Pacha, Soul Heaven@Pin-Up and Ministry@Pacha
Best Night: Second We Love Sundays just edged it
Worst Night: People have those in Ibiza :rolleyes: :confused:
Best Bar: Spent most of our time at either Bora Bora or Base Bar
Best Place to Eat: KM5
Money Spent: I think £1800 for the 2 of us
Biggest Regret: Don't do regrets
Going Back?: What do you think, see you all on the terrace on September 14th :D
Top Tip: It is possible for man to live on a diet of wine and berocca alone :p
Dates you were there: 11th June - 18th
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Figueretas/ Mira Mora
Club nights visited:
Best Night: All of them :oops:
Worst Night: Last night :cry:
Best Bar: Moby Dick's 8)
Best Place to Eat: :rolleyes: your own country
Money Spent: :?: alot
Biggest Regret: None
Going Back?: Dont know
Top Tip: Go to Moby Dicks best wee English bar ever. Sye, Jimmy, Stevie and Dennis they are a heavy laugh. They rip the pish outta you
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): San antonio / Club paraiso
Club nights visited: Ministry@ Pacha opening, Soulheaven@Pin up opening, Hed Kandi@El Divino opening
Best Night: Ministry - Louie Vega dropping 'Rock The Casbah'!!
Worst Night: Hed Kandi - my holiday spoiled by the Beer Boys of San An
Best Bar: Sugarsea - lovely staff
Best Place to Eat: La Torre in Cap Negret. Chicken Tajine, mmmm!
Money Spent: haven't checked yet
Biggest Regret: Not going up to June Sarpong and having a chat in El Divino! She's single now y'know!
Going Back?: Either september or October for a quiet one
Top Tip: Talk to people, make friends!
Dates: 16 Jun - 30 Jun
Dates you were there: 21st - 28th June
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Es vive
Club nights visited: Def Mix, We Love, Manumission,Carry on, Pin Up, Subliminal,Cream,Tonic,Pure Pacha
Best Night: Cream /carry on/any of the Pacha nights
Worst Night: ???
Best Bar: Sa Trinxa / Bora Bora
Best Place to Eat: Es vive
Money Spent: £1600
Biggest Regret: Clubbing 20 hours a day and missing rest of island
Going Back?: 9th visit already in the planning stage :)
Top Tip: Have fun
Dates you were there: 22nd June to 29th June

Where you stayed (resort/hotel): San An, Es Cala Apartments

Club nights visited: Judgement Sunday, Manumission, Space, Subliminal Sessions, Cream, Euphoria, Hed Kandi

Best Night: Subliminal Sessions at Pacha

Worst Night: tuesday night (23rd) had a night off and went to the west end for a drink. What a crap night, although needed a night off anyway :)

Best Bar: Mambo....brilliant pre parties, all the best DJ's, nice to sit on the beach. good sunsets views

Best Place to Eat: Burger King!! lol

Money Spent: 600 Euros spending money there!

Biggest Regret: coming home!

Going Back?: oh yes!!

Top Tip: get your hand stamped and go out fo the clubs to get cheap water and things form the supermarket b4 going back. Dont waste 8 Euros on tiny bottles in clubs. Where there are no supermarkets near (Privilege/Amnesia) sneak a bottle in with you (no problems for us) or stash one somewhere in a bush outside for later :) you'll appreciate it later.
Robo said:
Baddass said:
Best Place to Eat: Burger King!! lol


that was a joke!! just remember getting some drunken food on teh way out to clubs and it being nice.......didnt eat anywhere fancy all week, just in hotel bar and stuff, although Kanya, Coastline and Mambo were nice for food IMO
Dates you were there: 02/07 - 09/07
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hotel Nautilus San An Bay
Club nights visited: Amnesia, Euphoria, Judgement Sunday
Best Night: Amnesia
Worst Night: Drunken night down West End
Best Bar: Bar M, Itaka(?) any of those really, oh and Mr Toffs
Best Place to Eat: Jackie Brown, or Cafe Royale (Apartments Xalox (San An Bay)
Money Spent: Too scared to check, but probably around £400
Biggest Regret: Not booking for two weeks
Going Back?: Just you try and stop me
Top Tip: Get a car - there so much more to see on this beautiful island, but get a map too!
Dates you were there: June 21 - July 2
Where you stayed (resort/hotel): Hotel Es Vive
Club nights visited: Sunday@Space opening, Circo Loco@DC10, Pin-Up, Underwater@Pacha, Cream@Amnesia, Pure Pacha@Pacha
Best Night: Sunday@Space :p
Worst Night: Cream@Amnesia :x
Best Bar: Bora Bora
Best Place to Eat: Restaurant D'alt Villa
Money Spent: Lots
Biggest Regret: Didnt get to Formentura :(
Going Back?: Yep
Top Tip: Rent a car!! ;)