Just got back and Ibiza this season is like??????



Hey Club Kids,
Just returned from proberly my best hols in Ibiza to date, This was my 14th time to the White Isle, and what better way to describe it than saying that it was complete and utter hedonism, with a clean fresh easterly breeze..with a slight twist over the area surrounding DC10..

Well, where do I start, well three weeks is still not long enough, I arrived preety fresh faced, and left preety fresh faced...cool....this will give you guys and idea what to expect, wheather your and ibiza virgin or a guru...

Right these are my biggest recomendations for this season...

Of course Sundays at Space
If you can get there early you can pick up flyers that will get you in for E10..well worth it, except to be in there before 10am mind you, but again be prepared, the terrace doesn't really start to kick off untill around about 5pm this year, so you better put those dancing shoes on, and save your self for what I found to be the best vibe i've ever experienced in Space...The terrace was rammed, but nicely rammed, a sence and feeling of a community was there, and when lottie came on, the place errupted...sound system cranked up, and let the games begin...to top it all, the last track played on the terrace was Salt n Peppers 'Push It'.....again the place errupted like some had shot a dose of addrelin in the club...Amazing!!!!!

Okey next it was the DC10 experience, this is pure and simple reason why I have returned to the While Isle the past few years....and again what can I say....the vibe is still there, a lot more cosmo mind you, which is a bonus, and of course the music is out of this world...big up Jo Mills.....
Agin the place is'nt really kicking off untill around 3ish, so get there around there for the total ride of your life, oh and those soba before you arrive, i suggest you get trashed before you go....only cos you will feel the sensation that you are the only sane person in there...Big Up Circo Loco crew...you so how no to rock Ibiza again and again..I love you...

Okey, surprise for me this year was Pin Up, heard rumors that it was kicking on Monday after DC10, which normally finishes around 10ish....well took the rumours and placed them in my pants and thought I'd give it ago.....well what can I say...WWWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWW...the atmoshere was amazing...never have I yet experienced a place in Ibiza where everyone comes together from all club cultures and party hard....the terrace is the winner though..it's so cool, a the sound system and lazer really kick hard, and create and outdoor experience you will never forget.......you must go whatever you decide to do...Monday Nights from around 8ish...Make sure you get a flyer first form Bora Bora..as it's free to get in....

Oh and another thing...I found this year that there are quite a lot of free passes going around for day clubs...Space is this obvious, and also Pin Up...generally I foind ticket prices generally cheaper, but do by in advance....space this year on the door is 45...ouch, and a bottle of san migual in amnesia is 14 Euros...more ouch...

Anyway back to my review.........
Next it was Manunission.....I find it hard to expeirence the whole Wow Factor everytime I go to Privilage now..But Manumission bring it on,,,They have been saved, and a lot of work has gone it to making this year there best yet....the show is fantastic, the people are great, and they are filling the place to the max.....Manumission, I will be back for closing party....

Look out for my second part, as I have to get on with some work,,,,
But to sum up, this years experience was head kicking, body popping, shell shocking, most amazing time I have ever ever ever had in Ibiza...Bring it on White Isle...So wish I was absorbing that energy it provides......and I can't wait to get back in September.....

Playa del Bossa

Hotel Garbi, Recommend it to anyone, will def be going there again,
Bring it on
Hey Purds, I really enjoyed reading your review. I did have a little chuckle to myself though about the 'Salt 'n' Pepper' tune 'Push It'. Can you believe that was the tune that was out when I last went to Ibiza in 1988 :!:

Going again in 7 days and can't wait - your review just makes me want to get there sooner ;)
I wonder if that's the same (renovated of course) hotel I stayed at and was then called Hotel Algarb :?:
Push it!!

When it came on I came all over hip hop..literally...
one for the memories....
Hotel Garbi

I think you might be right, don't remember seeing it before know as that, it's been refurbed really well, and food is fantastic...not forgetting the pool, and the beach......really well priced too....
S'all good....Purds did you go to Pin Up for Garlands or Soul Heaven....can't make mind up which one to go to (may do both).

S Express said:
S'all good....Purds did you go to Pin Up for Garlands or Soul Heaven....can't make mind up which one to go to (may do both).


Hmmm, i'm i same boat??????????????

And along the same lines - whether to do Underwater or Subliminal - although we're booked in Pacha restaurant on Wednesday.
Salt and pepper push it just brought back fantastic memory dancing in Space 2 sunday's ago you just put a smile on my face after being stuck in my office on a dull grey wet day in UK. Great review really summed up my week there 8)
I hear different stories this year. Number of vistors going down and prices going up. What's the truth!!?????
Great review Purds, can't wait for our turn... only 23 days to go.
Should really stop browsing these forums I'm getting too excited :lol: