Just booked for Jul-Aug WOO-HOOOOOO!!

I'm grinning from ear to ear - just booked our third trip to the island, we'll be in PDB for two weeks 25.7-8.8!!!!Let the countdown begin, as well as the never-ending online bikini-shopping :) YEAHHHH!!!!!!!
I know you will have a great time, I have trips booked for June and July so far...now what about August.......
wow top hotel.you must have some money.a/i as well.not so many brits stay at this hotel.its right at the end off pdb do you know..bit off a walk but at least you will be frist on bus.thats where it starts from.

don;t worry you can use any other fiesta hotel you know.to sunbath see shows ect.but you cannot use your bands for drinking in other hotels,plus you can eat out at other hotels .just give them 24hrs notice.two nice pools to use.

and when you leave make sure you get a card with your fiesta pints on.do it when you checkout.save card till nexttime you stay in a fiesta hotel.they add up to loads of good stuff.

like i say about eating out.you could book a evening meal at say san an.spend the day there.take a change of stuff,they give you a room.eat meal and then have a night in san an.

just means carrying a bag round with you.or do what i did have a drink in a bar.and ask owner if you could leave your bags there.look for a pub not a full music bar ok.

you stayed in pdb before?.
Thanks for the tips woodruffe. We've actually stayed at Club Don Toni both times before and although we liked it, we thought it'll be nice to have a bit of a change. I actually did not realise *checks hair colour- yep still blonde* that we can use the other Fiesta hotels as well so that's good to know. Too bad that we cannot use the AI for drinks at other hotels though but cannot have everything I suppose :rolleyes:

Normally we'd go away somewhere for a week around March but due to work etc etc cannot do it this year so we thought we'd treat ourselves to an "upgrade" in Ibiza. I read lots of very good reviews about the Palladium.
Not quite on the grande scale as the original member for this post but the missus has given the green light for a return visit (i've lost count how many visits it'll be but it's stretching near enough a good 29yrs for my 1st taste of Ibiza) later in the year possibly mid October time. Only catch being we're going if i accept her choice of location which is Portinax :cry: which she think's will be an ideal base for taking small grandchildren? I've figured a hire car would def be needed so we can get out & about also if i can find time for an afternoons Caving but that's another story. The main thing is she's now agreed & so will start looking for a hotel after returning from Lanzerote 'Costa Teguise' ofwhich we'll be out there next week8).


Offtopic: I just hope Lanzarote will be alot warmer than it's been here offlate 2°C & much less windy than our time spent on the Island back in 2007.
Portinax will be quite mid oct.you def need a car.not much there really to do but relax.if you do get a car i would hire it from airport to airport unless the deal you get gives you transfers.

for a bit more to do in day and night playa den bossa or the san an bay area might be best for the children and you.es cana might be another choice but small again.nice little resort.but last year the big hotels closed early.and shipped all the people down to pdb.but put them in the wrong hotel really.

i helped them complian and got them moved to to far better hotel for them.at least the children with them had someone there to play and talk to.i am not plugging this hotel but the Bahamas hotel in playa den bossa would be the best to stay in that time of year,trust me i know.
Cheers woodruffe,

I'll use the time whilst relaxing next week by dropping subtle hints on where best to stay letting her know that the cost of car hire, petrol & parking etc, could stretch the budget. However i'd better not go overboard too much as it's taken me an arm & a leg just getting her convinced that a return to the Isle Blanca would be a good one as over the years she's become fed up of the Island.