Just a few questions about Ibiza 2003........


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.....Just want to say that this is my 1st post on this site. I have been to Ibiza twice before, in 1999 and 2001, and am going back 1st two weeks in September this year.

1) Can I ask what kind of prices things are now, as the last time i went was when Pesetas were still being used. We got a block ticket for 4 Clubs (Judgement Sunday @ Eden-->Brilliant, Manumission @ Privilege-->Massively Overrated but not bad, Cream @ Amnesia-->Brilliant, and Es Paradis on a Thursday Night-->Not Great) which cost about £90 each. Are the clubs more or less the same price to get in now the currency has changed? I know the drinks prices are f**king ridiculous, but my perogative is usually to get very drunk before hitting any of the big clubs, just making sure ive enough cash for water and a taxi home.

2) The last few times i have been i went the last week of August/first week of September, and all the big clubs were still open etc. This year we leave on 5th Sept (getting the holiday cheaper lol), and whilst im pretty confident the big clubs will all still be open the first week we are there, what are the chances that they will start closing while we are still on the island? I realise that September is when all the clubs are closing, and that we might catch a few leaving parties, but again any help here is a great help.

3) The last few times Ive been there i have never been to Ibiza town. Is this place as 'beautiful' as ive read that it is? I really want to go to Pacha or El Divino this time round, and was wondering what everyone thinks will be the best nights there this year. I really hope Gatecrasher is returning, cant f**king wait if they are coming back. Im well pleased that God's Kitchen is moving to Eden, as i am staying in San An Bay and this will be a lot more convenient.

Hope some of you can give me a few pointers here, any help/advice is appreciated, cheers.
1) yes the prices are still just as expensive. some clubs are 50 euros, but as you know you can get them for a cheaper price buy buying tickets, rather than on the door

2)the clubs start closing in mid september

3)best nights at pacha this year prob subliminal on wednesdays, ministry of sound on thursday. Godskitchen moved to eden last year and it wasn't as good as it was in amnesia. If you went to godskitchen at amnesia it will not be the as good in eden. i was very disapointed this year..

cream amneisa, thursdays i think dave pearce's euporia thursday edan
comin' at ya said:
If you have any music knowledge whatsoever avoid Dave Pearce like the plague.

Agreed. The night is the worst out there. Its all about Cream @ Amnesia.

Your better off NOT booking block passes through reps. We found it cheaper to buy tickets singly for the nights from shops etc.....

And yeah, if Gatecrasher are out there, it'll make my holiday :D