June? July? August? September?

88 Flow

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When would you Ibiza veterans suggest the best time to go is?

It sound like the closing parties are the peak of the Ibiza experience....

...I have the option of going ANYTIME for 20 days....

...I wish that I could make this into a poll...it would be easier to look at..
Do 1 week at the opening parties in June and then another 2 weeks at the closing parties in September.

However if u must have those 20 days combined together then choose from the middle till the end of September!
September is the best time to be there. And yes, closings are the peak. But that's true only if you just think clubbing.

If I could do my first time next summer I'd like to go there in mid-July. It's very hot and sunny. All clubs, bars, shops and restaurants are open. And that is the time when everyday you can see more clubbers coming to island. It feels like beginning. When you do closings it feels like world coming to an end...
it depends on what you want, for clubbing in the rare end choose sept or june for opening/closing parties - for a great holiday with different things to do, besides from clubbing/drugging/fu**ing then go in July - however I found August to be nice, but a bit busy + impossible to rent cars!
nish said:
wasnt there a post on this only last week?

Hmmmm...I am certain that there was not. Double posts are annoying. I have only been on these boards for 3 weeks and the San Antonio vs Ibiza Town post has been covered and exponential amount of times....

Ibiza-girlie and others....yes I would like to go for c-ing/d-ing/f-ing.

Superstara - The world coming to an end?? In a good way or a bad way?
88 Flow said:
Superstara - The world coming to an end?? In a good way or a bad way?

It depends how you look at it.

Good way if you like to party hard. Cool people, best DJ:s and mean party atmosphere :evil:

Bad way for making you sad. You feel that there isn't life after Space/DC10 closings :cry: