June 25th - July 4th


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Heading for the island for the third time this year. This time staying on Playa den Bossa for about 10 days. Can't wait. Anyone else coming about the same time and want to hang around or meet?
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Going to ibiza end of June 09

Hey im heading to ibiza around end of June and need somewhere to stay if anyone can offer any suggestions or a bed?
Im a 23 yr old australian female. =]
My schedule seems to be set:

25th: Bora bora
26th: Pacha
27th: Space
28th: Space again
29th: Amnesia
30th: Amnesia
1st: Pacha
2nd: Amnesia
3rd: hanging out, early fligh
4th: home

Hopefully I have what it takes...Whoa
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June 25 - 30.

25 - Cream @ Amnesia

26 -
Supermartxe@Priv or Pur Pacha or Wonderland @ Eden (decisions, decisions)

27 - Zoo project and Defected@ Pacha or Hed Kandi@ Space (decisions decisions)

28 - We love @ Space or Judgment Sunday (decisions, decisions)

29 - Bora Bora and Tiesto 2 Priv

30 -Chill out / random activity before flight early evening

Any1 have suggestions feel free to let me know.

I am not gonna buy my tickets until i get there just in case i end up wanting to do something else.

28 - We love @ Space or Judgment Sunday (decisions, decisions
It's a tough one but I think Space would edge it for me...;)
We will more than likely be at We Love Space on Sunday 5th - b/f is mad fan of James Zabiela. If anyone fancies meeting up, pls PM me.
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