june 25th - july 2nd 2003



My Ibiza diary

Bearing in mind that this was my first time to Ibiza, I went with five other mates between 25th June and 2nd July and this is my diary:

Wednesday 25th:

Arrived at Ibiza airport at 10 pm the first thing to hit me was the heat bloody hell after 5 mins I was sweating buckets. Arrived at the comfort plaza, San Antonio, at 11pm. The Spanish owner is mad he starts yelling at us in Spanish grapes our passport and gives us our room keys. Its now about 11:45 we are all hungry so we decided to go wonder for something to eat MISTAKE. Every 2 seconds we were hit by a barrage of people trying to get us into their bars, as this was are first time we were completely unprepared for this, we must of went into 15+ bars all having offers on such as buy 6 drinks and get bottles of sprits free. By the end of the evening I was completely wasted. Somehow made it back to my room unlike my mate who slept on someone porch.

Thursday 26th

Wakes up about 11am to the most gut wrenching hang over add to that the heat and im not feeling too good. For breakfast I have a full English breakfast which at first made me feel even worse. Heads to the pool for some well deserved rest. BUT I hear this noise in the background I turn around and there are some people dressed in orange shouting something. Now this people are either form the whack house or they are REPS. I now know they are the twenties REPS. (after reading quite abit on these forums with regards to these REPS I was going to completely ignore them.) my mates decided to listen to them and what it comes down to was five days out for 220 euros. My mates thought this was a good idea, so did I for some part, so we decided to take the offer up. In the afternoon as part of this REPS deal we all went to Es paradis, must have been a few hundred people there, the water party was great and refreshing haven’t experienced that before very pleased I went there. I would strongly recommend others to go there for the water party. For the rest of the afternoon just chilled and had a few beers. The evening comes around and all the of us go to sgt peppers, had a good time in there good old cheesy music with free booze, as long as you keep you glass. We leave there and go to a couple more bars before deciding to go to cream @ Amnesia. Waiting for the disco bus outside bar m is a real pain the arse as 1. we got our tickets from the west end and anyone who got there’s from bar m had preference for the bus. Waited a good hour to get on the bus.
Once there I was blow away with music, the place and the price for drinks. Bloody 10 euros for a vodka coke I could see that I wasn’t going to buy many drinks. Oh yeah out of the whole week cream @ amnesia was the most expensive to get tickets @ 38 euros. Had a great time pulled some ugly bird who feel asleep on me back at her place, so I don’t know what that says about me.

Friday 27th

Wake up around 11ish yet another one of those hangovers. Friday was boat trip day to formentera. Beware having a dodgy stomach and going on the boat trip is not recommended. It took roughly 2 hours to get there and once there we stayed on the beach. Some of the views of the smaller islands are fantastic on your way there and highly recommended. The beach is nothing like I’ve seen before the water is crystal clear but a little shallow for my liking. Left around half 6 and headed back to San Antonio. Where we saw the sunset from the boat which was magnificent. Had something to eat then headed back down to the west end to tank ourselves up before we went to euphoria @ Eden. Now I like trance music and Dave Pearce was playing so I had an absolute cracker of an evening.

Saturday 28th

Day of rest. Didn’t get up till 3 pm we all decided that Saturday would be a quite night in. so we brought 12 boxes of match stick and played poker where the value of one match stick was 5 cent. I finished about even but did manage to get through many bottles of vodka.

Sunday 29th

Felt much better on Sunday hardly no hangover. Still woke up in the afternoon. Had a look around San Antonio, went to the arcade did a bit of shopping. In the evening went to a few different bars then off to space. Now this is where I reckon I’m someone who prefers the loudness of the westend rather than the more cosmopolitan space / Ibiza town. As I didn’t get the same vibe in space as I did for Eden and amnesia. I got the feeling that there was a more up market vibe about space. The music was good but it wasn’t the same.

Monday 30th

Yet again the morning and early afternoon is non existent. Monday saw us go to Manunission @ privilege but before that we went to the gardlands (think that’s how you spell it) by god they give you a drink, half a middle size cup of vodka with a slight mixer. I was lucky if I could taste any of the coke!! Garlands had good music with a good feel to it but nothing was going to prepare me for manumission @ privilege!!!! The biggest club I’ve ever gone to holds about 5000 people privilege just blew my mind away…. The place is F’in massive when I thought id saw it all there was another room followed by another. The dome at the top to chill out is cool a bit disorientating when you look up as the white triangles seem to move. The show was nothing like ive seen before and the nice little touch of the stairs over looking the ladies toilets is different. Like its says on this web site you need to go there to believe it. Had the option to goto space but I was so tired I just wanted my bed.

Tuesday 1st

Woke up at 4 pm got all my senses together just in time for going to the mardi gras. Now I thought this was going to be boring, I thought of weirdo’s prancing around but I was pleasantly surprised. It was different in the respect that everyone joined in with the music and it was a competition between the four cafes. Of course our café won, I think it is completely random who wins, the music was varied the atmosphere was brilliant and it was one of the best nights out. I highly recommend this to anyone going to Ibiza. Afterwards went to a few bars in the westend. As this was our last evening we decided to go to secret gardens, a strip club. I have to say that I wont be going to any others ever again as it was cack. All they want from you is a to have a privet dance which cost 30 euros.

Wednesday 2nd

Time to go home. Had a cracking time and defiantly would go back.