July3 Cream tickets



Does anyone know how to get tickets for the party??? I'm freaking out cause I just went on Amnesia website and it's under construction so I don't know where to get the tickets from now!! :eek:
u will be able to get them from bar m up ontil the day
u can usually get tickets right up ontil abut an hr before the opening
If u wanna get there early u can prob get 15 euros off on the door before 1 with a voucher. Payin on the door after 1 with no concessions will prob sting you round 60euros!

U CAN get tickets for Cream Ibiza from normal cream ticket outlets, I dont know if there available as of yet coz Cream were a bit premature on their statement but they should be available pretty soon! :)
I went on the Amnesia website itself and it's under construction...would it be available in june do you think?
should be. the amnesia website dont do them exclusively, like seanbelfast said they'll be available till the day- amnesia OVERCROWD lots (more £$!)

The only thing id strongly advise against is getting them on the door after 1 - unless ur made of money
Do you mean 1am or 1pm? (sorry, just had to make sure, i'm a crazy Tiesto and PvD fan so I am just making sure i don't miss out on tickes)
don't worry about it - the main reason for buying tickets before at the bars is to get a wee discount on them.

we went to the Radio 1 essential mix last year and got them the day before but that was just to ensure that we got to see Sasha

all the top bars have outlets to buy from. but do shop around - last year a few times the stall outside Savannah had different prices compared to the one at Mambo
1am mate! (1am being 01:00 in the morning -just had an argument with my mum over when am woz!!!)

Cream amnesia shuts at round 7 in the morning anyway so aint open round 1pm!

If I miss the Oaky, PVD, Tiesto one im gonna Scream! Once your on the island tickets are pretty much available from everyone and their dog!

I wouldnt worry bout this too much - unless your not arriving till thursday night!

Hope any of this helped!

Trancepunch, don't worry about it. The first time I visited the island I thought all of the big nights were going to be sold out -- they weren't. Just purchase your discounted tickets at the local record shop/bar or pay full price (50 Euro) at the door. Don't sweat it :!:

F.Y.I: I'm planning on attending PvD & Tiesto @ Cream ~ July 3rd as well. I'm either going to purchase my tickets at Mega Music/Delta Disco in Ibiza Town and save 10 Euros or pay full price (50 Euros) at the door.
best place to get tickets for cream at discounted price is at bar m at about 5 oclock that day