july 31st - aug 7th



is anyone going those dates 3 mad girls visiting island then.staying playa de en bossa for first time.anyone got any tips where to go apart from space pls let me know

cheers :p
Come and meet all the spotlighters at Bora Bora between 1-4pm on Sun 28th..If not then everyone is going to Space on the night..Dont forget to wear your armband..loosely translated to bandana/piece of string/felt tip/lipstick..just something to say you are one of us!! Try Subliminal/Underwater at Pacha..If Erick is anything like what he is over here, then you are in for a great time!! I personally will be giving Judgement Sunday a big miss..Judge has had his day with me!! Def-Mix is looking good too as is MTV/Cream @ Amnesia..Have a great time lasses and I'll see you all out there 28th July-4th Aug :lol:

There should be loads of us from here there on the 28th looking at the posts.

(We could get the DJ at Bora Bora to do a shout out for the Ibiza Spotlight Crew!!!!)

:) :lol:
I will miss the 28th as not going out til the 31st on the wed is there any more meet ups will there be the next sunday?

oh does anyone know how i change my username? didn't realise be name know by on here!

cheers jo

I think you click on Profile and then change the username. :) :)
i tired that but didn't work destined to be now know as JMC isn't that a flight operator oh well... thanks for advice though :D

Try to visit a different club venue every nite. It would be a waste to spend all your time in Bora Bora and space. Look at the listings and see wot u like.