July 20th to 27th



Anybody on the Island on these dates??? Anybody up for going right off on one???? :p
i'm goin 2 be there from 13th-27th july with 9 others,
we r into our hard dance, so will be caining nites like lashed,clockwork,tonic,garlands,deja vu,slinky,cream etc.
or anywhere where tidy,nukleuz,honeypot,sundissential etc dj's are playing.
we'll be up 4 joining u on a mad1. :confused: :confused: :confused: :) :) ;)
I'll be out there then, with bf, and a couple of other nuttahs, check my piccys and be sure to find us round the pool at Kanya! 8) 8)
stayin in San An 20th july - 3rd Aug with 3 mates..........we're gonna try and do the full spectrum cos we're all DJs playin funky/soulful, tribal, progressive and trance.