July 1st til July 15th 2009 Friends Needed


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Hi Guys,

As mentioned on other threads, me and the Mrs. will be in San An between the above dates.

My third time to the white isle, but she's an Ibiza virgin.

Staying in the S'anfora between San An & the bay.

Any other couples going to be around during these dates, it'd be nice to tag together, as theres invariably a better vibe when there's more people.

Club night wise, Cream @ Amnesia is a deffo must, as is Judgement Sundays, other than tht we don't really have a clue, so any pointers would be appreciated

We're from the Mansfield, Nottinghamshire area of the UK, i'll be 30 by the time we go, the other half is 28, but we've both got the mentality of early 20's, musically, we're into commercial dance, trance, happy hardcore, i'm happier listening to faster, harder beats, she leans more towards the cheesy stuff.

Drop a private message or reply here if you're interested.

Cheers all.

Hi guys! Me and my fiance will be coming to PdB in the beginning of July'09. He is early 30th and i am 25. We are loving parties and a lot more... very easy going and comunicative. So might be a good idea to catch up there sometime ;):!: