July 15-30th, Garbi, Sleep is not an option


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last Year I swore to return to Ibiza, Well its gunna happen, July 15-30th

Staying at the Garbi Hotel, looking for people to meet and party with, Lets meet up......
Sleep is not an option.....
2 US Expats
1 Uzbek
We'll be right down the street from you at Fiesta Hotel... July 15 - 20, two of us from FL and 1 from TX. Msg me if you want to meet up one day!
Hotel Garbi 18-21st July 2009

American male from Vegas will be staying @ Hotel Garbi as well...Going solo so I will be more than happy 2 join you people for some hardcore partying...talk to you soon!


Two lads from California will be at Ibiza Rocks Hotel from the 13th thru the 17th of July. Drop me a line.

Any word on that Ibiza rocks hotel? Just wondering if its a good place to stay. First time in Ibiza.

No Idea about those hotels, I only have stayed at the Garbi, Awesome place, Didnt sleep much but then who goes on holiday to sleep? Doing this trip right 2 weeks should be enough time to enjoy it. My Uzbek Buddy is kinda wafflin having a hard time getting his Visa.....Seems that no EU countries have Consulate services here in The 'Stan.....Oh well will be a Effin Riot either way.....
14 days to go! Woo hoo! It looks like this thread is all about the Americans.... and we're all going the same time! :)

Hey Brian-I finally saw your msg on my profile....you have myspace of facebook? private message me if you want to plan to meet up for sure. Anyone else too!

Now it's just me and my BFF (one friend ditched) - staying at Playa D'en Bossa July 15-20. Yay!