Judgement @Eden


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The Clubbers Guides to Ibiza cds that used to come out mixed by him were good, in fact it was the one that came out in 1998 that was my soundtrack to the summer, and my firct clubbing holiday in Ibiza! It had Binary Finary 1998 on it, and was the first place I had heard it before, the one that came out in 1999 was good too
I remember those compilations, I used to get so excited about their release as the tracks there would usually shape my soundtrack for the summer.


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Odd that I was only commenting about Judge last week and then see a poster advertising him playing just up the road from me in Hull in a couple of weeks. Very much a step down in venue for him! but good to have an actual DJ visit, normally we are stuck with Love Islanders and a USB stick :mad:


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Clubbers guide to 99, Ibiza with the yellow deck on the front and clubbers guide to trance I still play pretty regularly, all brilliant. Guys like Jules were the reason I got into Trance in 98/99. He was always on at my local club the Brunel Rooms in Swindon in 99 for touring Sundissential nights and I had been listening to his radio 1 show for a few years. It was the soundtrack to my Friday nights

Judgement Sunday was my first night out in Ibiza back in 2004. Jules, Ferry and Eddie Halliwell. Micky Slim was always rocking the back room

This was a massive Jules tune back then