Joy Kitikontay(sp!!)

Fergie19 said:
Has anyone seen this DJ play?

Supposed to be going to see him on Sunday night :p :p :p

Hiya fergie,

Saw kitikonti a couple of years ago at the arches - can't remember his set especially clearly, but remember it was a top night, so think you should have fun! :D
Mostly Residents from around Scotland that play The Arches etc.

Mario piu(sp?!) is another ever heard him play?

Makes a change from the usual cheese played in the club!!
Fergie19 said:
Mario piu(sp?!) is another ever heard him play?

hmmm, no not heard him play, personally, but have heard bad reports about him...he might be better now though.

i soppose you may expect picotto style, but a bit cheesier.
Yeah thats what I was kinda expecting

Should be a welcome change from the norm up here though, and the venue is pretty good! :p :p

Finishes about 4am though, and i need to be up at 8 for work purposes! :confused: :confused: ;)
lasts for 4 hours to!!!

2 hours in the pool, and 2 hours of written/verbal exams!! :confused: :confused:

Been doing it for 4 years now though, so shouldnt be too hard, will just have to watch how fooked i am at night!! ;)