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Heard a track by this lady ... I think from Fame Academy/Pop Idol .. something like that ...

Anyways .. this lady/girlie .. she's only 16, has the most fanatstic voice!

Just ordered her cd "Soul Sessions" from CD Wow on the merits of one track I heard on Radio One ... Listen out for her !
Heard that myself it was Emma B's tune of the week very nice.
me too

her voice is so soulful for only 16-when her album drops i think were in for a most satisfying experience... ;) :evil:
Will let you know what it's like .. ordered it the other day from CD WoW - tis called The Soul Sessions ..
Ok .. had a quick run through this morning .. flicking through tracks my initial thought was pretentious ... BUT, I am so ashamed at having thought that, there are some damn good bluesy tracks on there ... just where she is gonna go (music wise) I don't know, but I'm pretty glad I picked this cd up!

Saffy that album Soul Sessions is covers of songs-not original material from her-that's why i said "can't wait till she comes out with her own album. :x :) :twisted:
*nods* .. I know .. It's showcasing her voice for sure ... I DO wonder what she will settle with ...

Got to say though .. came home from work last night and looked for said CD ... Hannah had only took it upstairs to listen to it ... Hannah being my rock chick girlie !!!