Joris Voorn/Carl Craig at We Love


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quite possibly the best music i've heard all summer was the hour joris voorn went from piano, old space terrace style house through to jackin house (sweep the floor) to grinding tech house and power epic prog (dark flower).

totally brilliant.....whipped the crowd up proper style and had everyone going bananas.

absolutely nightmare to try and follow that, but carl craig throbbed up some proper soulful, jazzy techno.........really quality deep stuff that kept everyone dancing but changed the mood to where he wanted it to be. genius.

it's been pillaged so much, i'm sure he doesn't care by now.....but i'd love to have dropped this into a conversation with joris and carl ......"so joris, why did the idea for sweep the floor come from"

answer: ............anyone??

outstanding dance music!:D
Joris Voorn is an amazing DJ and even better live.

Every time Iv'e seen him in a club - he's been outstanding.

He'll go far!