Jon Sa Trinxa


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I'm so happy to hear it was well executed. A brief like this is fairly sacred after all.

I missed it however. :(

Any news on other online events / film festival showings / pay per view opportunities?



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My feeling is one of the streaming sites has got to pick it up.

Search engine hits for "ibiza" must be pretty high right now with all the related TV shows, films and the pandemic news


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this guy Matt does all the press for "The Chillout Tent" >

he said he'd find out if/when it's next on. (my guess would be Vimeo about 3 months down the line...)

definitely up there with the best things I've watched (such as "short film about" or more recently, that thing on TVE about the German hippies)


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Thanks for the tip-off Tourist, really enjoyed it, especially has we should have been there the next day.
We've just watched This is Ibiza and it was poor in comparison.


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When is Sa Trinxa likely to re-open this summer? They’ve been teasing the opening on Instagram. Hopefully Jon is still playing every Monday & Wednesday.


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Sa Trinxa opening on the 4th of July... that's good news...

But from what I can see on FB Jon is not back in Ibiza (yet)... So maybe no Jon Sa Trinxa this year? :-(


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looks who is playing with Jon, a dj i follow/support (never asked him a free guestlist at Space as got my airbnb host in charge o it :cool: R.I.P, was drunk one day in Mexico and got sqeeze by a lorry)


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Looks like the website's had a revamp. Hopef the awesome documentary will be available to stream soon.