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Really? .
Yes pure carnage..I had to delete posts from threads already today..I had tickets for pacha on Saturday las dalias on Sunday,was ment to meet someone from here for pacha and had tickets for las dalias early next day that would have been a dream weekend:) but hey it wasn't my birthday and even the good guys got destroyed on this trip:eek: but it was such fun:twisted: no one hurt,arrested on bummed;) THE funny thing was we had djs,guys that run top nights back home and new local talent all with us and they could not of cared less who was playing.. just dont believe the hype ;):p wr did go to eden with free passed with was furn but music:oops::eek:. Forgettable Safe House I think its called,that also a new one to me..
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Oh yes the mix is quality and jons a friend:) but if we got on a bus for sa trinxa it would have gone straight to a hospital or prisono_O
Haha, fair enough! I thought you didn't rate the mix. Certainly sounds like an 'interesting' trip!


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:):):)does anyone know if jon is playing at sa trinxa on every wednesday?

i'm planning to go there and it would definitely upgrade the visit if he will be in-charge for the sound :)


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I think he's playing every monday and wednesday this year.
Couldn't agree more on the set its amazing!

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last year Franco played more banging/commercial than I think Jon plays. (I'm not sure if they liase at all about what to play?) My previous visit in 2013 Jon perhaps mixed it up a bit more. whereas the chillout guys at HLT are more restrained I think, hardly heard any beats at all when Coyote were on

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I wish the license for Sa Trinxa would be extended. Some after dark hours there would be amazing - but how would you ensure there wsn't roadblock and basic chaos - that's the problem... the word would spread immediately