Johnny, please post to confirm you're ok.

Two bombings on the Moscow metro this morning.

Thanks guys. All is well.

Never ends, does it?
Ok ok i knew about the incident in Moscow, i just didn't know who was the Johnny you were talking about...

Glad you are ok mate. :)
As above, good to know you are safe :)

I miss him... although I doubt he'd show his face around here now given Celtic's current predicament...

He probably supports Rangers now? I don't think supporters of the two big Scottish teams are particularly loyal....
It was a cheap attempt to smoke Johnny68 out of the woodwork.
Good thing you clarified that... I could see a Scottish lynch mob forming!

Thanks to you and Buckster and everyone for the concern. If there's a bright side to a day like this, it's to know that there's a lot of people who care.

Latest news here is one more just died at hospital. Up to 38 dead now, according to official numbers (others say 39)