John Peel @ Space

Just a little something I knocked up earlier, here's the originals followed by the final outcome.



The outcome


here's the question pop pickers..................what tune was peel'y boy dropping there?
answers to the usual address
winner gets a dirty little lima and a pair of mauve slippers xx
Might happen

I was in Fabric last year when John Peel was djing. Quite diverse although i thought he was ok. I was a bit wasted though :eek:
i'm confused. being a non clubby person - who is the old bald guy?
(er both of them)
the coloured chap is a bloke called CARL COX he had his own event at space last summer and is a 'superstar dj'

the white old guy is JOHN PEEL he mainly plays rock music, he has his own radio1 show on radio 1, and has been responsible for breaking many of today's rock bands, oasis etc...
Robo said:
the coloured chap is a bloke called CARL COX

Who? Never heard of him? Does he play any Scooter, DJ Sammy or Vengaboys CD's? :lol: