John Peel, FabricLIVE 7


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What can I say?

Buy it!!! It's no great mix tape, it's not a storming stomping compilation, it has guitar based music in places(!).

But it's a great piece of work, from a man who is an institution.

He plays what he likes and likes what he plays.

as of yet i haven't bought it yet, but has it got you'll never walk by the kop!!!! as a liverpool fan its a great song, but it must seem wierd hearing that sort of song on a new compilation.
Sanchez, i bought this the other day, however i have to say i was little dissapointed, i'm not taking away any doubt the man is a genius, i was just expecting something a bit different......
as a fellow dj i have to say that the guy plays records - this doesn't put him into the same category as einstein or mozart, now does it. i reckon i could put together a mish mash of sounds in my own eclectic shock style but i don't wish to be called a genius - biffmeister maybe - but genius never!

djb - turntable genius. whoops, what a giveaway!
sorry but i don't think you have a valid point at all... i think it shows a little ignorance or naivety to just say the guy plays records... he has been a dj & on the radio for more than forty years and has been credited as the first dj that played punk, hiphop & reggae on commercial radio. In 1994 he was also awarded the honour of *Godlike Genius* by NME so i'm obviously not the only one that thinks it biff!
a bit too Scouser for my liking. is it really necessary for there to be TWO football comentaries? interesting that he had to go back over 15 years to find the reds glory days.

the country & western version of lust for life is worth the price alone, that plus the 303 madness of the penulitmate track.

biff has a fair point about anyone being able to make this cd. the only difference is that i don't have the records in my collection
john peel hasn't dj'd on commercial radio since his show 'the perfumed garden' on radio london in 1967. and NME what's that? they once called the aptly named average white band the greatest funk outfit in the world!
john peel receives a million free records every week from bands eager for exposure on national radio - where's the genius in picking 20 or so tracks from that lot - our dog could do it!
i rest my case.
el genio
sorry but did you have a case...!!?????
what may i ask has dj biff done for the music industry...
the name sounds like you'd be the local dj at the woolpack ;)
The praise is not for the 'genius' of peel, although regardless of his many freebies as the biffy one puts it, he does possess a unique knowledge of a huge range of music over the years of the developing movement of 'popular' music.

The praise is for the refreshing mix of diverse sounds, which have some meaning and feeling- if only for the DJ.

Too often people are bracketed and characterised, or refuse to stop listening to anything apart from one sound.

I'd like to hear more people just doing what they want, rather than what the commercial influence dictates.

As for Biff. Come on mate. Why you so picky these days? Missing the tourists?

what's so refreshing about diverse sounds?
well documented on these and other pages my own eclectic shock style mixes trip bop, tonal jazz, northern soul, and a bit of the fugs, velvet underground, and some ska thrown in for good measure.
oh lawdy, i think you need to get out more often - i recommend club la cama here in san jose.