Joey Negro 19th August 2003 El Divino


Joey n the gang

Anyone advise on whether its worth buying tickets in advance for this gig...can't afford to miss it and need to ensure we can get tickets...know some people on the island and they can get tickets in advance if needs be...btw it's Paul, 34, been clubbing in Ibiza 4 times, still mad for it and continue in Manchester when we get back...need to know if August is gonna be so rammed tickets are an issue...I doubt it but may as well ask...last yr we got caned and unable at a villa carry on after El D with a messy Dave Lee on the decks...Top Class...
This year only me, the missus n her best mate going...mmmm...?
Have fun on the White Isle..

August 15th - August 23rd = Carnage. :twisted:
There's never any need to buy tickets in advance before you get to Ibiza, just buy them on the day when you get there.