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Hello, im looking to go to ibiza next year at the start of may, im already doing some pr in essex and would hope to do that over there. im looking for anyone male or female to link up with me as i dont fancy going on my own. if any one has any job ideas for me please get in contact.
i love men, clubin, sex and the sun so if your interested please get in contact,
:twisted: im a horny devil so be warned!!!
hi Louise!!

i'm stevey from Sheffield and i'm hoping to shoot to ibiza next year aswell and hopefully goin to work for the summer, roll on!!

i'm a mad 24 year old from sunny Sheffield...

get in touch nearer the time and we'll sort sommat out...


p.s, i'm sure they will be hundreds more posting wanting company aswell before next summer!!
hi im also in the same boat as you, ill ne 20 next year and im definately goin out to work but id love to make a few mates b4 hand and maybe share accomadation etc.

please get back to me, im up for a laugh you will not regret it xxxxxx
Louise, you sound like a very fun girl!

Hoping to go out and work next year to-will have to hook up nearer the time.

:twisted: :twisted:
yes yes!

yes im up for meetin up before hand, be warned im a nymph so watch ya self. Na seriously im up for sharin some accomodation wen we gwt out there, we will have to keep incontact.
Ill be up for that, always say ill work a season but need someone to give me motivation!
motivation to save ma cash! Wot little I get I drink ;)

I should be laughin for a proper job next year tho so will have lots of money, it will just be a question of whether Id wanna give up the job!
I'm in the same boat too peeps!!!

I wanna go for the season mext year, and need to hook up with some people to share accomodation with etc etc

I'm a 20 year old lad, and die hard clubber. Went to ibiza last year for a week and it changed my life, imagine what a season would do!!!!!!!!

If anyone is up for let me know on here 8) 8)
Looking for some room-mates...

hi everybody,
i'm a 25 year crazy man from Slovakia and i'm comming to Ibiza with my girlfriend for July and Aug. Is there anyone who would like to share housing with us.
we are very friendly and nice - really - and we don't need much intimacy so you don't have the reason to worry about that:) we are very SOCIABLE!
take care,
ill be quitting my job next year for 5 months of fun and frolics in the white isle...just hope my boss understands
change of plans

Well im stil going to Ibiza but i will be traveling after, so i wont be there for long, im going to Oz, Thailand, Japan etc should be fun. will prob see u all on the white isle at some point. U lot need an Essex girl to liven up your summer!!!!!!

easy tiger! sorry to dissappoint but im not going there n e more, im soing to Oz for a year instead!!!!!!
i will join you for the gang bang instead then lol whole summer of fun cant wait im definitely heading out there for the whole season. Wanna share a room?? lol