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Hi there - just wondered if anyone knew what was going on with their blackpool to ibiza flights.

They do this route currently till beginning of sept 09.

Jet2 have released all of their blackpool flights in 2010, but ibiza still isnt available.

from manchester it is live now... wondered if there was anyone in the know ?? x
It appears not Dawn. A general rule I look at is the availability of a package holiday with jet2 from a particular airport. It seems no holidays are available either from Blackpool. You could ring and enquire as though interested in a package holiday. Most unusually so the phone number is 0800, very unlike jet 2 to give anything away!:eek:
Thankyou xxx

Thanks for the advice with the 0800 number - i did exactly what you said and enquired re a blackpoolpackage holiday - the lady was really helpful and said to call back in a week to book the holiday if i wanted to, as within the next 7 days the blackpool to ibiza 2010flights are available.

So 2 things.....thanks so much - i wouldnt have thought of doing that, and
secondly -i will be watching the website like a hawk for those flights to pop out - cant wait.... can just see us now on the plane with a mighty fine portion of vodka red bull.

Happy holidays everyone xxx8)8)

Just found out that JET2 have cancelled all future Blackpool to Ibiza flights.....oh well
They still go from manchester.

I know the other cheap airlines to go there are EASYJET (liverpool-ibiza) and RYANAIR same route. Neither have there 2010 summer schedule released though yet.

Anyone have any insider info that could tell me when they are releasing these? Otherwise i will bookmy £83 returns via jet2 manchester x

Thanks for the help in advance:)
well if its only £83.00 book it.just let you know jet2 are now going to be at east mids.not sure if they are going to fly to ibiza yet.
Yup, I have flown Black£10l - Ibiza, but had an e-mail from Jet2 saying the flights from there are scrapped. Also noted that the tax on air travel goes up in November, which is where the increase of the base fare comes from. You have to pay to leave Britain. Wonderful.
Soon be cheaper to get a train through the Channel Tunnel and fly from Paris than fly from a UK airport.