Jet Apartments



hey people

4 of us are off to the ibiza beggining of july to see if it is as magical as you say... i dont really doubt that its gonna be amazing as i am in love with trance and hard house and people who are there only to enjoy..

we cant really make up our minds on where to stay i have actually booked the jet apartments but i dont know much about it like is the location anygood? or is san antonio better?

cant wait
yeah jet is deadly. will be there for first two weeks in july aswell.

dont worry theres plenty of trance gig.

tiesto/van dyk in cream.
johan gielen is playing eden.
dave pearce's euphoria.

bound to be something there ya fancy!!
The Jet apartments are nice & in a top location on the edge of Bora Bora beach. Only draw back is if you are planning to go to San An a lot it costs a fortune in taxi fares!
went to san an couple times last year in taxi.

cost about €16 i think. wasn't much more than that.

between 4 people that's grand
Jet is perfect.

Don't expect to get much sleep though, oh and the airplanes make some noise too ;)

;) ;) ;) ;)
apartments are in a good location though.

is worth the few €'s to travel to san an