Jet Apartments playa den bossa


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Hey guys,

Just booked IBIZA i cant wait, theres me and my fella going. has any1 stayed at Jets.
ive been bora bora beach loved it. we stayed in san antiono last year. am so excited.
i go on the 29th Aug
You should have stuck to San Antonio, PDB is full of older German tourists in Speedos.
I stayed in Jet last year. I liked it. Good location for Space and Bora Bora. Decent sized rooms which were clean. Decent air con too.

Only gripe with Jet is that it's a noisey place. Pack some earplugs.
Thanks am not bothered about the noise were in ibiza lol : )

we have to try different places and i think it be good.

how much did you pay for jets when you went? xxxxx
ive stayed in jet apts a few times..their ok.very clean and close to clubs etc...i think re; older geezers in speedo's,figueretas is the place.