Jet Apartments- Opinions?


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Hi folks,

Heading out to Ibiza for the Closing Parties in September and we're staying in Jet Apts, Playa d'en Bossa. 11 of us..........

Can any1 do a brief review of the hotel? Experiences? Best surrounding bars/restaurants etc? Only ever stayed in San An when we've been across.

I know the basics i.e across the road from Space, next to Bora Bora etc but a bit more info would be helpful.

Cheers in advance,

Make sure your room is not right on top of or next to Bora Bora. Happened to me before & I eventually got moved after 3 days.

Having said that, many years ago 2 friends got the room directly above and loved the noise/location.

Whatever floats ya boat innit...

Will be heading out at the same time!

Stayed at Jet a couple of years back at the same time and had no problems. Basic but tidy and comfortable enough - you can do simple cooking and there's a fridge for you're beers.

For a couple of days noisy neighbours but that was all good - we we're there for the parties too and we shared a beer etc :)

The rep was OK - tried to sell loads of excursions which we didn't bother with.

Checking in and out seemed seemless. When we checked in a couple were trying to get transferred due to noise etc.

The pool was small but OK for the brief time we used it. The appartments are on the beach as in you can walk bare foot from you're apartment. Murphy's bar was good for the footy and a few pints and some pool etc.

I found some independant reviews here:

It was good for our needs, hence we booked here again. Looking forward to DT closing at Space 8)
Stayed there in June. There were only 2 of us in an apartment that sleeps 6.

Clean enough, great location, noisey at night though. Pack some earplugs.
Stayin there in 2 weeks, 6 of us in an apartment! can it really sleep 6? doesn't look big enough in photos. Not over fussy - don't plan spending 2 much time there.
You'll be able to get 6 in them ok... normally 5 is the max, two bedrooms with two beds each and then a sofa bad but 6 can be done. I cant remember if there are two sofas or one though.