James Zabiela - 4


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4 CDs mixed by the man himself, absolute quality, full of fresh sounding underground house and breaks and some amazing scratching. I've had this for a while but never got round to listening to all 4 CDs right through properly, I've been missing out! :eek:

He made this compilation as a promo at some afterparty he went to after playing a 4 or 5 hour set apparently.
It's nice, but just doesn't kick. The guy is probably the most technically talented DJ behind the decks, but it takes more than good technical ability to be a great DJ. At the end of the day, a DJ needs to be able to make people dance........sometimes his sets can get too 'complex' and his track selection too 'dull' (for lack of a better term) for the dancefloor.
mate, believe me....james can make you dance.

'4' is a wicked mix, but like 'sound in motion' its about the music. its something to kick back and listen to.

if want to hear something to make you get up and dance then (and i do go on and on and on about this set) get your hands on:

james zabiela live at lot 33 canberra 6-6-2003

the bloke cant do no wrong in my eyes (or should that be ears). whether its a warm up set, a dance your arse off set or a after party set..his mixing is wicked and his track selection is always top notch.

hey, maybe i'm just too easy to please :)
Yeah this isn't something that makes me want to dance, it's great music to actually listen to and appretiate, I think it's great!
shouldnt you be out shopping for hats or something ???
some of his groovetech live sets are amazing. you have to sift as they are 3 hours long some of them, but worth a download

thanks for tip on the live set, i am downloading now :)

his end of august set at space was my favourite of whole season - so much energy. (dare i say it - quite a bit better then sasha at pacha imo). haven't danced that much all year!
Just bought his Sound In Motion CD last week and really like that. Makes great backround music for out office. I'd like to hear some of his more dnacy stuff though, I'll be checking these tips out for sure. Cheers.
He put down the best set ever @ the edge in belfast on sat and boy did he make the crowd dance that night.