James Holden


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Anyone shed some light on James Holden, is he worth checking out? I heard he plays somewhat like Sander K....Anyone confirm or deny the claim....

Muchos gracias!
James Holden is f***ing brilliant.

Check out his first mix CD, Fear of a Silver Planet. Has some banging tracks on there including his own. More of a producer than a DJ, but he can hold his own on both fronts. 2 of his tracks One For You and Horizons are on the CD and they are brilliant tracks.

Ogenki Clinic is his other production alias. You would be familiar with the track First Light.

His sound is very original and plays more techno than Sander, with progressive, tribal and trance influences. Although he is very diverse and can even throw a bit of ambient stuff in there.

I find Sander Kleinenberg to be more Deep House than anything. James Holden's music has a harder edge to it.
I just saw him last week at SPACE ( Romania/Bucharest)..He's really good...He's like crazy ..He's playing a music like he's playing a game..He really likes what he does...and u really like him too :!: :!: :!:
Thanks for the update, going to check him out on March 8th, I'll provide a report as I'm hearing some good things on this guy:)