James Holden - Balance 005


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Got to say, I'm more a fan of the housier side of prog, but this is prog trance at it's best, quality album, mixing is really good too.
Ohh i like james holden, might try and pick this one up. He's got some quality productions under his belt too.
Thought I'd just add, listened to this twice now, it's an absolute masterpiece! The mixing is incredible, one of the most perfect CD mixes I've ever heard! As I said I'm not really that big a fan of progressive trance anymore but this is simply awesome! Anyone that was disappointed with Nick Warren's GU24 should definately check this out. One thing I noticed while listening is that I kept checking the timer thinking the CD was away to end because the tune was so epic, but it really is just epic tune after epic tune, remarkable stuff!!!
I've got this album for a week now and I listen to it nonstop. One tune is better than the other. Really amazing mixing :D
I think it was mixed with pro tools bartonious.

A great CD.......very original sound and some great 'unknown' artists on there like Petter, Epsilon 9, The MFA etc.

James Holden has access to some great artists and sounds at the moment and he's really a breath of fresh air for progressive......very orignal.
Yeah, I knew this wasn't live mixing, no way. I've heard Holden's live mixing and it ccan be pretty dodgy. Definitely Pro Tools used for this CD.