J Need an expert of ibiza to find a place to make a request of engagement


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hello everyone, I go to Ibiza in August with my girlfriend and I would like to benefit from it to ask her in engagement, J have bought a beautiful ring but I do not know romantic places in Ibiza to make my request. I thought of a beach, or a split or we could be maybe alone or with not too people, if you have ideas do not hesitate, I am virgin of Ibiza and I thus do not know anything. I know in August it must be difficult to find a corner calm. J had to think can be to do it in front of the famous sunset of the coffee del mar but it s can east be a bad idea, what do you think about it??? if you have ideas sayyy me pleasee. We will have the car so we will can go everywhere. Thanks you very much , and sorry for the bad english

Hola Antonio!

OK, here are some of the first ideas that come to mind:
- On the cliffs overlooking Es Vedra (west coast, just south of Cala d' Hort)
- At the top of the Dalt Vila (the old town in Ibiza Town)
- At one of the towers (http://www.spotlight-forums.com/showthread.php?t=52370&highlight=tower)
- At the top of Sa Talaia (tallest mountain on the island, you can drive up from San Jose)
- In the middle of the dancefloor on the terrace at Amnesia (cheeky, but could be fun if done right :lol:)
- Over dinner at Cap des Falco (at the southern end of Playa de Codolar)

Several of these spots would be especially good at sunset.
August will be very very busy, so finding somewhere private wont be easy especially for a novice.

Restaurant Sa Capella just outside San Antonio, is an old church and plays host to many marriage proposals. Ask for a seat in the enclave and they will bring out the ring to you as a desert, with a sparkler lighting in it!

This is performed to fanfare music and everybody claps when its done. Make sure you book it in advance and tell them what you are doing.

Another option is to drive around the Island and find a place that feels right for both of you. Just go with the flow and let it happen spontaneously.. Thats what I love about Ibiza, it can surprise you when you least expect it.

Best of Luck and congragulations!
- In the middle of the dancefloor on the terrace at Amnesia (cheeky, but could be fun if done right :lol:)

Yup, then if you change your mind you can steal the ring back while she sleeps and say she was obviously hallucinating:lol:
There's a lovely romantic area called the West End. You can wear your football shirt, share a kebab, then kneel down and propose (avoiding vomit of course)

1. Buy expensive ring
2. Hire a diver to hide a ring in the sea floor
3. Go with girlfriend to a diving lesson
4. Go diving where the ring was buried
5. Find out the ring is gone, propably eaten by a fish
6. Spend rest of the holiday fishing.
thanks all

j think j will choise the idea of the kebab , it seems very romantic

The idea of the center dancing in amesia it s good, so maybe thisss l o llll if j m able.

j will see the map with places that you told me , thaknss
I got engaged in ibiza right on the sunset strip with loads of people there. It doesnt have to be a secluded spot for it to be romantic.
last year when sitting with my carry out on the rocks watching sun go down at cafe del mar, a boat had a couple n they were flying in air (para-gliding?) (hot airballooning without the basket?) whatever its called.. i remember sitting n saying to my friends imagine being on that n then ur bf proposed as sun went down!!! thats how id like it!!!