I've booked!!!!



Yo, I just booked a 2 week holiday leavin on 30th may. Pretty chuffed seeing as it was only £159!! I plan to get a job out there for the whole summer and live the Ibiza dream!!

Does anyone know roughly how long it will take to get a job or set up a place to stay or how much?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Anyone interested in meetin up over there?? I'm 19 and really laid back and easy to get on wiv. I'm comin over on my own cos my mates aint got the minerals for it! so could do wiv some contacts over there.

Sorry about all the questions!!

Let me know!!!!!!
alright mate,

congrats on getting the cheap deal.

i don't know how long it will take you to get sorted, but i reckon that you will be ok. However i wouldn't have fault you could afford to be too picky on jobs and accomodation.

there is a meeting point throughout the summer on wednesday's@bora bora, play den bossa (see meeting point post in meeting point topic)

alrite fella!

Read my reply to the flyers topic on this board..just some advice from my experience workin last year. you'll be out there in good time to get a job before the club nights open if u want to work for a club...if not, just ask all around west end and sunset strip for bar jobs, pr etc.

You will need loads of mulah to live well and fund your clubbing habits...but u can get by on next to nothin if you live basic and eat at home.. buy food, drink, toiletries etc in the big cheap supermarket on the road towards mambo from the west end (f*uck me if i can remember the name, might begin with a c or s!), not in the small supermarkets around west end.

Never buy drinks in clubs or nice bars unless necessary...get ur cheap voddy/beers/sangria from supermarkets and drink b4 u go in..same goes for mambo and del mar, take ur own drink onto the beach at sunset but don't sit right in front of the property or you'll get asked to move along.
Head for Wips supermarket near the Egg roundabout..its workers central..every1 meets up here on the 'terrace', (basically the blue plastic chairs & tables outside!) to neck cheap nasty cartons of sangria and eat huge bags of cheesy puffs before going out....you'll know what i mean when u get there!

Good luck.
:D hey matey i'll be there from 18 may - 01 june & i'm also going on my own cos my mates are wimps...

i'm gonna search for a job when i get there too, i don't care wot i do as long as i can spend a summer in ibiza...

so my mobile is 07879625116 if u wanna get in contact or e-mail me before i go...