its only a rumour but..........


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a little bird told me that a big music festival for august will be announced shortly - featuring the creme de la creme of dance music!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

thats all i know for now but in january there were already rumours about mtv coming back to ibiza (

There are rumours circulating around the island that MTV will be back for a live concert in summer 2003. The rumour goes that all the politicians have agreed to the idea for not just one MTV macro live TV concert but for three throughout this summer! The gossip on the street says that the announcement of these festivals is being kept top secret until the end of May when the elections to all the island’s councils, the Consell Island Government & the Balearic Government, are out the way so that this controversial decision, if true, does not become an election issue!

Mc :rolleyes:
this rumours may be true mcrackin because i work in the benicasim festival as a area security manager and the same company use to manage the MTV ibiza and they have asked me ive i would be able to work over in ibiza this summer.
Rumours are very close to the truth n MTV is a name on the cards, and i'll be playin too so lookin good folks
according to the ultima hora newspaper (june 10th) mtv might organize another concert in ibiza at the end of july - this time at gala night (where kumharas celebrated the kumharas concept on sundays last year) and featuring duran duran and eric morillo among other artists :!:

the date is incorrect. it hasnt been officially announced yet because they are trying to keep it as a secret but McRackin can exclusively reveal that the festival will be on august 16th at gala night!! :D

more gossip soon!! :p
check this out:

MTV have announced details of a one off dance festival, ‘MTV Aqua Sonic’, which will take place on Saturday August 16, at the outdoor location of Gala Night in the Benimussa Hills in Ibiza. The hectic eclectic and utterly fantastic 2 Many DJs (Soulwax) will be headlining, supported by Audio Bully’s, Stanton Warriors, Plump DJs, the Cuban Brothers, Alex P and more. MTV have proudly proclaimed that the event will be the largest outdoor festival in Ibiza this year. ‘MTV Aqua Sonic’ will comprise of four arenas at ‘Gala Night’, a 6000 capacity location two km from San Antonio, which has previously been used for free trance parties. The event will be filmed by MTV UK for a one off special on MTV Dance, to be aired on August 31 at 8pm, and on MTV UK on September 6 at 7pm. The line up for ‘MTV Aqua Sonic’ is as follows:

MTV Arena
2 Many DJs (Soulwax)
Audio Bullys
Stanton Warriors
Plump DJ's
Cuban Brothers
Alex P
Doug Villeneuve
Audio Drive

Dave Booth
Rob Tissera

Hed Kandi
Matt Collins
Paul Wilkins
Mike Van Loon

DC10/Organised Kaos
Jo Mills
Nic Fanciulli
James Fierce
Jim Breeze
Silicone Soul
Paulo Paulette
DJ Cirillo

Dino Psaras
Serge Souque
Igor Marijuan
David Moreno
Julien Armour
Tony Oneto

More DJ's to be confirmed.
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The MTV arena seems pretty break and beat heavy. More evidence of the broadening of musical styles to be heard in Ibiza this year. Or just a way of getting loads of Yanks to watch?

So McRackin, did you go to the pin-up opening, lady dj fest
i can't find

hi look if smbdy has eric morillo's love parade 2000 mix.i wanted to ash isf anyone knows what song he layed next-to-last?
Alex Williams said:
Supposed to be a nice place is Guarana

it is!! :D

like last winter - guaraná is the place to be on sunday afternoon with jazz and blues concerts!!

· thursday - paris d'amour with jean cedric
· friday and saturday - julián amour (plus guest dj)
· sunday - live jazz & blues in the house (plus djs jadè and tomas hedberg)
Ibiza-girlie said:
obviously this never took place

of course it took place!! :confused:

and your favourite ibiza reporter revealed the date some days before mtv announced it officially!! :eek:

ive heard nothing about that....there was an mtv party in france, isle of mtv,...but from this ive heard and saw noth9ing, how was it?