it's my last day


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His negativity didn't really help the forum to be honest.. so adios El stevo.. I've read more positive posts from people banged up in prison..
I think you're being really unfair. Stephen did an awful lot of work behind the scenes on these forums which made a huge contribution to preventing every thread becoming a sh1t show like they do on Facebook


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Haven't been on for quite awhile (since October it seems!), enjoy the retirement!


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after working for 45 years, 18 of them for spotlight, i will be retiring when i finish my shift this morning. thankfully i won't be spending a single day of my dotage bored to tears in ibiza, as we sold our san jose villa in january, moved back to england and are currently having a house built in ribblesdale, one of the yorkshire dales.

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I hope Stephen is enjoying is lovely new home. For those interested there's a few more photos on this Instagram link now😎