Islena, the taste of Ibiza


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the new product was born in Ibiza:
it's a first local beer that produced on the island called Islena (the taste of Ibiza)


here's the news:

and this is translated to english:

i think it should be able to make some competition with San Miguel this summer :)

as for me, i'm going to taste it in a few weeks...for sure :lol: ;)
The Barley this beer is made from is grown in Ibiza,but at the moment the beer is brewed in Germany.
I read about it somewhere,but can't remember where ?

Is this going to be widely available?
i hope so :)

i'm pretty sure it can easily become the icon of the island and really decrease the import of all the other beers especially san migue...

gentlemen, it's a new hierbas :)