island worker Djs lookee here...


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this is release from the euphoria press team:

Fridays in the Eden funky room will this year be the guaranteed ‘home of the island workers.’
Plastik Inc (the crew from Plastic Fantastic) will be showcasing NuGeneration DJs from the islands workers. To get a chance to be selected, DJ hopefuls will first have to go through a live selection trial at a regular pre-party to be held at the Plastik Inc store/bar/cyber cafe (formerly the Plastic Fantastic record store in the West End). Every Friday night, get your mates to come and support young DJ hopefuls as they battle it out for a place on the DJ roster that night at Eden.
The winner(s) will be determined by who gets the loudest cheer…so more people supporting means more chance of winning…..make sure you get as many of your mates there as possible!
There will be more details of this coming soon…but this really is the chance for one of the many thousands of DJ hopefuls that come to the island to get their big break and play at a true Ibizaian superclub, with the added bonus of being there on Dave Pearce’s night!

sounds like a WICKED idea!