is there anywhere on the net.-.....


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Ibiza-girlie said:
where you can find inside piccies of Mao Room / Pacha ?
I havent been able to find any, maybe someone can post a link?

Its a way from San An though you know ;)



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well if you have read my other threads Drew darling you will notice that im not just stuck on what san an has to offer, san an has only 1 club Im ok with (not overwhelmed by tho) es paradis and the sunset strip...the rest I go searching for elsewhere ;)

88 Flow

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Ibiza-girlie I notice that you are one the few that are sympathetic to San An...

I applaud your stance...

Carry on

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Carry on

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I can't answer your question, but I think it's a combination of dinning and VIP !!
But you have to make a reservation for a table so it's a populair (exqlusive) place.