Is there any night clubs open on 29th and 30th of April 2010?


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Hi guys,

I'm from Australia and I coming to Ibiza and just wanted to know if there will be much of a night life - like night clubs and events open on the 29th and 30th of April 2010? because I heard all the clubs open up from June?

speaking of the big clubs, only pacha will be open (and probably only on april 30).
else you have smaller venues like underground and a lot of bars like km5 (and also less posh places) which are open.
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where is underground and is it open in january? i'm gonna be in ibiza in 2 weeks time for 5 days and need somewhere to check out during the last weekend of january ( 29th and 30th )..

awesome thanks Nostrum. So there is still a bit of night life parties at the end of April? can you pre purchase tickets to Pacha or best just get at door? Also any good recommendation of accomdation near the night life areas??

Thanks all!

there's a bit of nightlife, yes, but it's really quiet compared to the season (june-september).

pacha tickets - right at the door (the whole presale thing only starts in june as well)

re hotels - anywhere in ibiza town, figueretas, playa d'en bossa if you wanna be near of pacha.
To be near Pacha,singing "here we go again" there are several Hotels open in the Talamanca area.