Is there action in mid-September ?


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Hi all,

I am an Ibiza virgin planning for a really last-minute trip from 7-12 September, was wondering if there were action on the island's clubs at this time as its just after the busy August and just before all closing dates ? I know it changes from year to year but has anyone experience during that period ? Or would it be better to wait a week for the 21-26 where most of the big clubs are doing their closing party ?

Planning to stay in San Ant during that time, all feedback on this is warmly welcome as well.

Thanks a lot!
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oh yes just go to party calendar on this site very useful ibiza doesn't stop till end of september so every club will be open
We have nearly always gone in the first / second week of September and thought it was just perfect. The heat of August has subsided, clubs are not too rammed, plus you often get to see some fantastic thuderstorms :)
many thanks for all the answers, I guess I will check for a plane on 7-12 :) Where are you staying do you stay in PDB or San Ant ?
i love mid september into october

• less busy on the roads

•*less busy beaches (jondal to yourself pretty much)

• clubs still busy (closers)

•*still warm - up to 30 deg but not too hot you feel like your melting
sounds all good still strungling to know wether I should go for the closing date but I guess from 7-12 will be fine with WLS, Tiesto, Armada and Cream parties I will certainly already have good times around :).

Damned why are they so many good parties there, its not human lol
this September will only be my second time, but it definitely is a good time to go; less crowded beaches and such. in '06 went for the closing 2 weeks and this year slightly earlier (10-19th) but i'm sure it'll be just as good. Hope you have a rockin' time.
Thanks will try to do the best, I can't wait .. If anyone wants to meet during that period for a couple of drinks let me know, I've read its very easy to meet people in Ibiza as these are open hopefully its all true :)
Defo agreed September is by far and away the best time to go, the closing party's are what it's at.

It's all about the MN2S closing party,one of the best nites on the island for sure (smaller than the so called "big guns" but better IMO) see u there8)
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Thanks again for all your replies dudes ... Finally booked my tickets from 14-19 to enjoy the first week of closing parties .. I can't wait to be there!