Is the West End Still busy in September

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I have a group of guys that need to be entertained the weekend of the closing parties (26th September.
Will the west End still be busy by then. I note all the main clubs are long since closed by then. That s not really an issue as we would not be going to Es Paradis and Eden anyway but I dont want to drag them all the way from Talamanca to the west End to be there by ourselves. There are a couple of Ibiza virgins and they want to see what all the fuss is about in San Antonio
Any help appreciated.
everywhere is still kicking over that weekend 26th till 28th.friday or satday would be best as i think its space closing party sunday.infact its still busy in oct.
what i really mean is.its not a chost town.i go in oct ok the streets are not summer.but still plenty of folks around,mainly late dealers and more older people.still worth a trip just to say you have get more time to chat and know the landlords better.over the years i;ve been going know loads now.very helpful and kind.

like john at the ship and john at the boozer.
Thanks for the replies folks. We will definitely give it a gallop one of the weekend nights. I have to say although I have been to Ibiza more times than I can remember I cant wait for this trip.
Its hard to believe that the sun is still splitting the stones in Europe and we are in the middle of Winter In Ireland.
I have to say I cant understand why people crab the West end. I love the place (dealers aside) too in your face) and always find a great energy there. I'm tired of getting reefed in Ibiza town for drinks and a night in San An before Amnesia will not do any harm.;)
Thanks again
The West End will be like a ghost town even now so in a week or so it will be even quieter
The West End will be like a ghost town even now so in a week or so it will be even quieter

:lol: :rolleyes: Not quite the ghost town yet,of course it will get quieter,if you do happen to accidently stray into the area listen out for the sounds of helicopters,they will be blasting out Wagner , and have come to gloat...:idea:
I know this is an old thread but my brother is thinking of going to Ibiza for the first time at the end of September and he's asked me if San An/Westend is still busy then. As I haven't been to San An for years now and never went in September is it still quiet or has it picked up over the past few years??