Is Summer Takeover legit/worth it?


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I’m planning to head out at the start of June, and since I’ve been expecting it to be hard to find work that late, I’m considering signing up with them. £600 for 1st month accommodation and job trials basically.
One thing giving me second thoughts was they mentioned that a 6 day work week is normal, roughly between 10PM- 4AM. I’m wondering if I’d acc be able to go out while working those hours, esp since half the reason I’m going is to see big name DJs regularly. I’d rather work 2-3 days a week and survive on savings.
I speak good Spanish and French as well as English, and have a couple of years club bar tending experience for some background.


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no need to sign up with anyone, especially if you‘re multilingual. you‘ll easily find jobs. you should consider working in club promo with your language skills. this is mostly daytime/evening hours and then you can head to the clubs afterwards. easy.


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i've gone with one of those companies purely for the ease that they sort you out with accomodation for a month, they're all largely a waste of money though, i'm just being lazy. playawayabroad seems to be the best value one. after the first months accomodation is up with them i'm going to find my own but at least then you'd of had a month on the island where you can actually view the place you'll be staying. could of done a week in a hostel/hotel but not sure i trust myself to find a spot i like in such a short time, and a longer duration in one of them ain't cheap.
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