Is PVD still playing in Ibiza?




I just want to know if Paul Van Dyk is still playing in Ibiza and when was the last time he played at Amnesia?

if ur in the uk he's playin crashers birthday. u seen the club since the revamp yet? V glam!

He's also playin for crasher down south at heaven for the birthday. which is strange, coz ththe last time I went to crasher republic to see pvd (may 17th) there was a poster up in the club saying 'oakenfold plays last crasher at heaven'. Guess it was one of them f***ing marketing scams again!
uhhh no good! they did that with jules the year before in Ibiza, saying "Jules playing at coastline" we went there=nothing! bollocks!
Ibiza-girlie said:
"Jules playing at coastline" we went there=nothing! bollocks!

was that on a sunday night?

you may have missed him. he also plays at bar m that night.
well the year before as I mentioned we ent there and went on those hours adviced on the flyer - nothing and no Jules was there, they just wanted to pretend to give drinks away, when really they wanted to first sell you on, and give you an extra one for free - total scam!
i used to like him, then a few years ago he went all weid and didnt know wheither to play hardhouse or trancey he´s back on track if you ask me!