Is Pacha now fully open?


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I was (luckily enough) to be on the isle for the easter weekend, and noticed that all the posters around town say that Pacha is now open every night until the end of September. Does that mean that the main room is now fully open - or is it still half size, with the boards splitting the main room in half. I am heading out again on Fri May 30th with a group of "ibiza virgins" (for the Space opening weekender), and was wondering if the main room in Pacha would be fully open on the Friday, as well as the terrace and (what used to be called the) Zenith rooms. Pacha is sooo impressive to the first-timer when it's fully open and in full summer swing! Anyone know?

hi mjh,

yes the main room is now open every day until middle of october. won't get full though until mid june - EXCEPT at weekends, when it rocks