Is Kevin and Perry a loada rubbish?



It's my first time to IBIZA this year and i'm mostly goin for the tunes, but does K&P go large remotely resemble IBIZA. e.g. do the clubs have arsy bouncers, is Amnesia as shit as it looks in the film, ... the list goes on. Please tell me it isn't!
here you have the answer :arrow:

the french version!! :eek: --->
amnesia is not the best looking club and the film is cheesy.
bouncers are generally okay about drugs and there is no violence at all.

the only thing bouncers are bothered about is taking photos and cameras and trying to hassle DJ's.
i thought the film was pukka......its a parody of ibiza ......i watched it as it was meant be taken a laugh...thats all.
I went to cream at amnesia last time and although it was a good night the music never really lifted for major rise in energy levels and all that.......i would definately go there again but id have to try another night......i still a good knees up tho all things considered. :lol:
i think the bouncers are quality!!!!!! i like the offends my mirror bit- i also like phill mitchells famous line---> no discount for senior citezens!!!!
it amazes me how they walk out of that restaurant in ibza town, and instantly tere opposite amnesia hehehe!!!

oh yeah i forgot...its a film....
Before you Kevin and Perry out jannica, you should get "human traffic" out. quality film. think theyre making or have just finished making the second one and its meant to be set in ibiza. will be looking forward to that. :D
Human Traffic 2 is NOT being made, even in Ibiza. The producer is just talking up the movie to push sales of the DVD Of the first one. The issue of to whom the rights belong to is in serious dispute. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE
Check out GO as well, the Doug Liman movie which has a pretty cool clubbing theme and is dead funny. the club scenes are fairly realistic too
Ragin bout human traffic 2. i was quite lookin forward to it. Go is a quality film. have ya ever seen requiem for a dream rusty?