Is it really that quiet??


Mistress Elle

Is the beautiful island really THAT quiet this year??

Surely not?? I'm leaving in a week and would appreciate some feedback pls....??
I hope not.
Im trying to arrange a closing party holiday so I hope its bouncing

2 of my mates are over there now who i was with latst year and they said they cant notice any difference

Ive just got back from my first visit of the year, and I would really say its a LOT quieter than normal.

Not too bad though, gives you space to breathe.
Its not dead, there is still alot of people about. It's just right if you ask me!
It was a bit quieter in June for Openings but in a good way if you get one I mean, people who wanted to be there with there :p :D
when i went it was quieter but not in the clubs, from what i noticed it just seemed like all the p!ss heads have gone to kavos this year!!!

the people who go for the clubs are still there and they the people that count :)
GazDaBomb said:
it just seemed like all the p!ss heads have gone to kavos this year!!!

Which is a really good thing but there are some empty nights.
The key is to stick to well known established nights and you won't even notice. It's not the year for experimenting with new places really.
dont believe the hype
they say that everyyear and its never a quiter

I would say very quite this year. In the sense that there are less people walking the streets and I never once had to queue to get in anywhere. Which is strange since I remember having to wait 45 minutes to get back into Space in 2001!!!

However once you are inside there are loads of people still and maybe that's a good thing, since, well....queing sucks. Maybe there are less idiots then usual and like some of you have pointed out that is defo a good thing.

Still worth the visit and the copious amounts of cash you will spend!
i actually like it that way, dont like standing to close to a fellow clubber whilst having a good time, getting squisshed! oh no!
last year i really could feel the difference, and August is really busy usually so i may end up liking it really much!
I reckon it's just the 18-30 crowd which is down. People who went to Ibiza last year expecting a cheap one would have been in for a shock after the conversion to the euro and probably would choose faliraki or magaluf if they wanted a cheap holiday getting drunk in the sun and pulling.

I'm sure people who appreciate the beauty of Ibiza will keep on returning.
lets definately hope that, im not into the typical lager crowd of people....i prefer calm clubbers that still get excited..... over the DJ´s and NOT the cheep spanish beer! 8)
The numbers of beer boys in Play d'En Bossa last year was well down.

Things can only get better :!:
Is it quiet?

YES there is less people!
But is it good or bad? Bad for business. Good for real clubber.

NO if you compare it with 1998!
It`s so relative. For a couple of years there has been more tourists in Ibiza. But never before that. If we compare it to "Golden Years" 1987/88, year 2003 wins hands down!
all correct.

yes it is quieter and YES THAT IS SOOO MUCH BETTER

you actually have room to dance in most clubs now (not cream though ;-)
hehe never cream, thats always a sure packed thing, but GREAT to hear that there´s roooooom!!! ah I.G s so gonna shake her booty on the floor in 8 days!!!