is it illegal ...



to sleep on the beach ? I would probably take just a short doze and most likely during daytime hours, also
Would it be cops or robbers, that are most likely to bother or be bothered by me.
one other thing, during travels in France and Germany, major train stations had daily pay lockers in which to leave personal belongs...
does anyone know of such a place with lockers or ( something of the like) near San Rafael? hope so.... thx
Ive just come back & some lad was woken up on the beach by a prostitute who was offering her services and stole his wallet!
its not illegal tho i wouldnt advise it u will get total randoms messing bout with u and trying to steal belongings, my mate had his glasses stolen while he was asleep :D they did him a favour too he looks better with them off.
wouldnt recomend it for all the above reasons + u may end up naked stripped by pissed reverlers
make sure that what ever beach you are on you keep belongings near you and safe, we keep sunbeds very close together , put bags and stuff under the sunbed and lock the bag to the leg of the dec chair...if someone decides to try and pinch your belongings they would have to get under the chair without someone seeing or you noticing and couldnt take the whole bag with them. and obvious thngs, like only take necessary things with you...not to much money etc! 8)