Is it difficult to get tickets for the closing parties?


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Hi everyone,

in a nutshell no - but this depends on which club and at which time of day or night you go.

Pacha - all Pacha closing parties (from all promoters) will be ok. Make sure you get there a bit earlier than usual - maybe 2 am or even earlier and you will be fine. Look for tickets in the port of Ibiza before - the bars usually have the best offers.

El Divino - ditto
Amnesia - ditto
Privilege - ditto
Eden - ditto
Es Paradis - ditto, but maybe look to get there even earlier, as this disco is very popular, being directly in San Antonio town centre.

Space - has two closing parties which will be very full.
The Sundays@Space closing party on the 21st September and the actual Space closing party on 28th September.

Between 7 pm and midnight it will be very full, and in a worst case scenario they might not let any more people in.

So simply come a bit earlier - early to mid afternoon then you will have NO PROBLEMS. Remember, that for the really busy party - the Space closing party on the 28th September - Space build a second outdoor arena onto the back of the club, so there will be space (excuse the pun) for all and sundry.

If you want to be on the terrace for the closing sets of Derrick Carter and Erick Morillo then make sure you get your spot on the terrace early - as i can almost guarantee that the they will have cordoned off the terrace by 9 pm, to stop it getting too full.

Again, remember that John Digweed and Carl Cox will be playing the outside Arena from 6pm onwards on the 28th September, where there is LOADS of space, and James Zabiela followed by Layo and Bushwacka will be playing inside Space from about 10 pm on the 21st, so inside or out it doesn't really matter, you will still hear great tunes :)

Hope you all have a fantastic time!
James - have you got the final lineup for the proper Space closing.....i can't find it on their only lists the We Love closing.

james said:
Again, remember that John Digweed and Carl Cox will be playing the outside Arena from 6pm onwards on the 28th September

Or get there a bit earlier to hear moi !
Horses galloping !

i got into quite a few closing parties for free, you just had to wait until about 2-3am, i got the san an free tickets in the west end
Free tickets are everywhere, The clubs are dead and I will not go back this time of year after bein here 4 times I think this is the worst I have seen it, still had a wicked time, but club tickets are everywhere not a problem getting them at all. :eek:
thanks for the info.... yeah closing parties seem to be at a bad time (i can't go cause i go back to school at that time) but thanks for the info! :D
Need any tickets for any of the clubs vist bar quack quacks in san an and bob will sort u out space rocks opening party here i come