Is it all trance and heavy house?



5 girls going in 10 days (July 6th) never been before

Is it all hard house and trance we prefer funky house, RnB and old school
As above

When you say old school you're probably thinking of a different old school to what gets played on the island. Dont expect n-trance set you free!

have a good time
House is very well represented this year

US House @ Def Mix, Groove On, part of We Love Sundays, Subliminal, Pure Pacha, Release Yourself

Funky House @ Empire, Soul Heaven, Ministry of Sound, Hed Kandi, Defected

this looks like being house's year in Ibiza

One thing i love about Ibiza is that ibiza IS house and always will be.

Its great knowing everyone's on the same vibe.

You'll find some trance at the cheesier types of places (IMO) but Ibiza is chiefly house from Deep through Funky through Tribal to Prog.
DC 10 - daytime - Tanya Vulcano and even Jo Mills lay it down nice and smooth. Funky for sure, as is most of the Circo Loco daytime goodness.
For those of you in Ibiza in Sept - that love house - you MUST see Derrick Carter!!! I personally have not heard such an amazing ear for dropping thick beats on soul...