Is Ibiza just for skinny people?

I don't think i'll be clubbing in england until after i come back from ibiza in aug. Me and our lass are having to watch the pennies :( . Saying that we'll probably go to scuba @ the fez club sometime between now and then. Have a good one at bed. 8)
I will do .. thank you!

Nearly went to Scuba a bit back .. but decided on Remedy instead
Love it at remedy. Similar dj's to what they have at bugged out; justin robertson, tom middleton, fc kahuna. Quality night and hardly anyone outside sheff knows about it!! 8)
You know Inland Knights? They were our first night out .. last year, at Remedy!
Yes seen them a few times at remedy, they play quite regularly there. I think our paths may have crossed before saffy. We may have even talked before. Me and our lass always end up rabbiting to loads of people and remedy has a lot of regulars. Are you one of them? 8)
Not really ... been there for Inland Knights ... twice .. and the last time when they went back to back with Digs and Whoosh from D.I.Y ... and went for FC Kahuna the first time they were there !

I love these smaller clubs tho ! (Which is why I HAVE to go to Sankeys) ... Also .. if you love Inland KNights sorta stuff .. you ought to go to Blueprint in Nottingham .. but now the summer months are here it's not as busy as they are more often than not off doing free parties here there and everywhere ...
LOL! You will see all shapes and sizes and topless...anything goes in Ibiza! I have many pounds to shed but still wear my bikini! Ask my boys.